Economic Development

3:00pm on the 2nd Tuesday of each month, City Hall Conference Room

The Economic Development Committee is a council committee that is concerned with the economic well being of the city.  We look at our revenue stream, costs of services to citizens and the general economic stability.  The goal of our work is to pursue projects and initiatives which will enhance tourism and expand the economic growth of the city.


Apply Now!

Apply for funding for your young event, by March 1, 2018! This money helps fund marketing for events in their first few years of operations.

Economic planning

Washington State mandates each city and county conduct regular long range, land use planning.  The result is our Comprehensive Plan.

This year an update of our Economic Development chapter is due.  Our committee is working with the Planning Commission to plan strategies and goals to lead our city through the 21st century.


In collaboration with the Leavenworth Chamber of Commerce and The Port of Chelan, we are working on a study of parking in town.

The goal is to have a community led exploration, with the expertise of a consultant, to derive changes we can make to improve parking for locals, tourists and downtown employees.