The Leavenworth City Housing Committee was formed in April 2018 after the Mayoral Housing Task Force 2017 submitted their recommendations to the City Council. These recommendations were based off the Housing Needs Assessment and subsequent community discussion. The Council found that there was ongoing work to be done, so a committee was formed!

Read my blog to learn more about the formation of this committee.

The following three elements are what the Housing Task Force found to be potential avenues for solutions to dealing with housing affordability in Leavenworth at this time. They are also the founding elements of the Housing Committee. In 2018 the committee has focused on defining what each of these elements means for the City and for the work of our committee.


Housing in the 1.4 square mile area of Leavenworth is nothing without looking at housing regionally. We aim to seek collaboration with our neighboring communities and Chelan County to discuss land use planning and solutions.


There are federal and state programs that fund low-income housing. While arguably not robust programs, they leave citizens who earn slightly above these levels still unable to afford local housing.

The committee is researching how we can influence expanded funding for housing affordability - at the state level (see Resolution 20-2018: Leavenworth 2019 Legislative Priorities), through our Housing Authority, etc.?

City Code

In 2018 the Leavenworth Planning Commission was tasked with examining several elements of our code with the goal of encouraging and diversifying residential development.

The housing committee will continue to recommend code changes as well as develop a process for code review of past changes to ensure our code is meeting our goals.