Housing Task Force

Task Force has concluded its work in June 2017, with a report of recommendations sent to the Leavenworth City Council.

August 2016 - June 2017

The Housing Affordability Task Force is a Mayoral committee designed to study housing affordability in Leavenworth and the surrounding area.  It is comprised of about a dozen members who own rentals, are builders, or are otherwise involved in housing locally. 

We are working to determine what tools may be available to improve the economic diversity of city residents and expand the ability for people who work here to live here.


Do you need housing?

This year we have heard from many community members that it is very difficult to find affordable homes to purchase in Leavenworth and even more difficult to find rentals.

Let me know about your experience!  Do you work in town? Do you want to rent or buy? Have you had trouble finding housing?

Let's study it

In order to better understand what our housing stock is, if there is a demand for something we do not have, and how to help fill that gap the Task Force has asked the City to hire a firm to conduct a housing study in Leavenworth.

We are currently developing the framework for the study with the consultants.