To be a Councilmember

City Council. . . they are elected community members who represent the voice of their community.  They are responsible for considering the social welfare of the city, so that there is balance, justice and order.  Their skills can be in any field, but importantly they are diverse, able to understand finance, law, environmental issues and above all, people.  When the technical skills of the city staff lead to one option, the cultural preference of the community may lead the council to another.  They must be able to discuss issues, but always in reference to the people the issues are about.

My strengths as a city council member will come from my abilities to keep the big picture view of issues. I will look to see that the consequences of choices lead our town to support and respect the residents.

I love Leavenworth because of the close friends and neighbors that look out for my kids and who I can lead a cup of sugar to.  I love walking my kids to school and bumping into friends at the grocery store.  Every year there are different art classes or swim classes, parenting classes or gardening classes taught by the talented and passionate residents.  I love Leavenworth because of these and so many other community assets.  It also doesn't hurt that we are nestled in the bosom of one of the most beautiful places in the world.

Leavenworth is a fun town to live and to visit.  I want to embrace what we already have and let it shine even brighter.  It is with my vision and passion for Leavenworth that I believe I will be able to filter the details of running a city into decisions that will enhance our community.