HI HO, it's off to work I go!

Did you know Leavenworth City Council does the bulk of their work through committees? There are 5 council committees made up of council members and city staff that meet monthly. There are also over a dozen ad hoc committees made up of council members, local community members and some regional members.

I believe with my experience and knowledge in land use planning I could bring important insights and ideas about the flow of our town to committees like Public Works and LINK. From transportation to tourist appeal to resident ease of use, it is so important that council members can think holistically about the town and surrounding area when considering issues on the table. And bring NEW projects that lower residents costs while improving resources.

I am also very interested in the financial management of Leavenworth. With my education and experience in economics and budget development, I could lend a thoughtful hand to our financial planning through our Finance or Economic Development committees.

More than almost anything, I am excited to work with the citizens! I would love to find a place eventually on the Residential Advisory Committee as one avenue where I can work directly with citizens to develop projects and set priorities for our town!

Learn what committees there are on the Leavenworth City Website.