Down to Business

Committees are where the work gets done.  I am so looking forward to my new committees so I can get some of my goals accomplished! While the Mayor Pro Tem (Carolyn Wilson) will officially assign us our committees at the next Council Meeting, we all discussed committee assignments today.

My Council committees:

  • Economic Development: works on our local economy, businesses and jobs.  I will be working on a project developing an incentive program for our local businesses who participate in our themed events and festivals.
  • Public Works: works on city infrastructure.  Right now there is a lot of work for a few big projects like the MEND development and the School District builds/remodels.
  • Parks: works on city parks.  We have an exciting opportunity to create a new wetland park near Pine Street!  I am also excited to work toward strong collaborations with local recreation and sports groups.

My Ad Hoc committees:

  • Residential Advisory Committee (RAC): a group of Leavenworth citizens who share their thoughts and ideas on topics and bring new things to the council.  This is one way I am working to connect with our citizens.
  • Parks and Recreation Service Area Committee (PRSA): a regional area that currently funds and manages the pool. I am excited to see if this committee will grow into a true Parks and Recreation Committee for our area, not only the pool.
  • LINK transit committee: regional transit.  I will get to collaborate regionally on transportation for our area.

If you have any questions about committees or any thoughts on my committee work, let me know!