First Day on the Job

Today was so fun!  The newly elected were sworn into office this morning at our Council Study Session. 

Of note, we met with Chelan County Emergency Management to discuss a new Emergency Operations Center built in Wenatchee.  They are applying for State community project money to build and we were all excited with the concept and will be happy to write a letter of agreement for this project.  We also met with our State auditors who just finished up our biennial audit.  We are squeaky clean thanks to great finance staff! 

Residents: we are working on amending our fence code. We are trying to make the current code more clear and concise while also doing away with requiring permits for fences.  People will be expected to follow our city code on their own accord.  If your neighbors don't mind, neither does the city.

Lastly, we discussed committees.  Council committees I will be on are Economic Development, Public Works and Parks.  Ad Hoc committees I will be on Residential Advisory Committee, Parks and Recreation Service Area Committee, and LINK transit committee.  I am excited about all of these for many reasons.  I will update my committee work on this blog! Check out all the committees on the city website.

At the Council meeting tonight we moved forward with the Chumstick Trail project.  Looks like we can start building it soon.  The most fun part of the day was naming a few streets!  We voted on names for 3 new streets in the MEND subdivision property.