How can you be heard at the City?

It is so frustrating to send emails or make phone calls and feel ignored and unheard.  There are a few things that are usually happening if you don't hear back when you send an email:

  • You contacted the wrong person and your thoughts didn't get forwarded
  • Your concerns are making headway, just slowly and in a way that you can't see
  • Your comments are part of a large receipt of public comments and it is not feasible to respond to them all

In an effort to help our citizens be heard and feel heard our staff created the cool graphic below that shows different ways citizens might give input and where it will go. 

There are 4 basic ways to connect:

  1. Send in information (email, Facebook, etc)
  2. Talk with Mayor or staff
  3. Talk with a Council member
  4. Attend a meeting and submit or stand up and comment

Once a comment is received it has a few different potential paths:

  1. City staff may be able to deal with the issue directly
  2. The issue may be brought to a committee or the Council Study Session for discussion
  3. The issue might be able to go straight to a Council Meeting for a vote
  4. The issue may get dropped for lack of support

It is challenging to follow up with every citizen on every issue, so we encourage you to check in and connect again!  The City Administrator, Mayor and Council contact information is on the city website.

City process is slow on purpose.  Deliberation based on community input is the whole point of local government.  When we take the time to hear all the voices, go through all the procedures ensuring consistency, and to thoroughly study options, we are closer to community represented decisions.  It can be frustrating and arduous but we build the city we want by working together.

So stay informed and keep in touch and we will keep in touch with you. The whole point is how we get to the end. And we are never done until we are dead!