The community that plays together, stays together

Today I had my first meeting of the Parks and Recreation Service Area Board of Directors.  For those who don't know, currently this area is a public service area that is nearly the same size as the Cascade School District.  It is solely responsible for the community pool in Leavenworth and all of the land owners within the service area contribute a property tax to support the pool.  The service area was created in the late 1990's.

I love the PRSA because of its potential.  It is an established special district that can work for its community - that is much larger than the City of Leavenworth proper.  The good news is the pool is supported by the community and with the new levy (as of 3 years ago) is stable.  We are ready for more.

If our community is interested in a true Parks and Recreation department, the PRSA is where that will happen!  Today we heard from a community member encouraging us to consider Ski Hill and after school activities in our work.  And there are dozens of other opportunities out there that are begging for attention.

At our next meeting this board will look at strategic planning as a next step to defining the future of bolstering our greater Leavenworth community's recreation!

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