Skate Park Development

Since all the hype this spring and the demo of our old skate park, the City Council Parks Committee has formed a sub-committee for developing a NEW skate park.  The Cascade School District and the City have formalized an agreement for paying for a replacement and will work together in the process, though it will be driven by the city.   Additionally, local skateboarders have formed their own committee that is working in tandem with the City Skate Park Sub-committee on each step through the process.

The first step for our sub-committee was to determine a site.  We developed a list of sites we thought might be good options then put them to the community for their thoughts.  After discussion with locals and local skateboarders in particular, we found the top sites were two different options in Enchantment Park. 

Our second step was to put together a Request For Quotes (often called an RFQ) that describes our desires and requirements for designing and building the park.  The City Council approved the RFQ and the City is currently accepting quotes from skate park design firms! An important part of our requirements is to have beginner, intermediate and advanced levels of features built into the design.

Our hope is to determine a design-build firm by October and begin working with them on design though the fall.  We will continue to outreach to the public, and local skateboarders in particular, through the design process.  In working through the design we expect one of the two top sites will become clear which will work better.

I am thrilled we are taking quick strides to see a new park soon!