Thank you!!!

This week I am so proud of our staff! They received 2 valuable recognitions for performance: Our waste treatment facility received the Wastewater Treatment Plant Outstanding Performance award and our administrative team received a "clean report" for our special audit of 2015!

The treatment plant achieved full compliance with it's pollutants discharge system permit, which is not easy to do year round, all day, through the weather.  The award was given by the WA State Department of Ecology who works for the citizens to ensure safe, clean water.  The team of staff at our plant deserve high praise for a job so well done!

Did you know that WA state auditors work for you, the citizens as well? They check our finances and policies every other year to make sure our operation is healthy, the flow of money is accountable and we are following the rules (including our own). 

This year we had a special audit because we received over $750,000 in federal grant money last year, which triggers a special audit.  This is the first time in recent history we have needed this special audit, but we came out of it with a "clean" report and no recommendations from the WA State Auditor's Office. This is thanks to our finance team who was diligent in record keeping and to our Public Works team in holding preconstruction meetings and ensuring the granted projects were executed well.

You can feel proud that your city is being managed very well compared to others around the state. If you see any of them around, give a big thank you to Herb Amick and his crew, Chantelle Steiner and her team, Joel Walinski and the wastewater treatment team!!