Repairing the Road

Thank you! Voters, past city council & ciy staff, you are the ones that were planning ahead in 2010 when you approved a Transportation Benefit District (TBD) for Leavenworth, funded through a 0.02% sales tax.

I am thanking you now as it is on my mind with the assumption of the TBD into the City. In order to cut down on administrative time and costs, the City of Leavenworth would like to ‘assume’ the special district.  We are having a public hearing on the assumption at our December 11th, 2018 regular Council Meeting.

I’m sure you won’t come, no one ever comes to our TBD board meetings. They are rather uneventful in that we see numbers and talk about street projects. It means we are doing our job to see to it that the streets are kept up and the money is dilgetntly utilized.

The thing is, when the streets are falling apart, everyone cares! But running the TBD is so simple and easy. Look at what it has accomplished every year since it’s inception: 


All of these projects cost a total of about $10.8 million.

The TBD contributed about $1.4 million, meaning we were able to take that ‘seed’ money and use it as a contribution/match to get large transportation grants.

So, thank you! Thank you for creatively thinking about how to activate a little bit of ‘tourist’ money to bring in lots of other money. Thank you for taking care of and improving our town. And, frankly, thank you to our visitors who help us pay for our city maintence!

I’ll always encourage you to come down and check out a council meeting. If you make it to our Public Hearing on December 11th, you will get to hear about this amazing, though quiet district and how we are working to make it even more efficient and effective for Leavenworth.