Make it Your Town

The Comprehensive Plan defines the way we will use our land into the next 20 years. When you participate in this planning, you help build our future!

I had no idea what land use planning was. Maybe because I was young, but really I think because who does actually know what land use planning (I call it Planning, with a capital P) is besides those who work in the field?

I discovered Planning in the most round about way possible. My path went from art school to trade school to community college to the architecture department at university to, finally the land use department where I found my home and graduated with a BA.

The hidden gem that is Planning won my heart because it is simultaneously the art and science of building Community.

When people come together, physical proximity matters. Whether we meet because of cultural ideals, common interests or being neighbors, streets and buildings cause us to interact in certain ways, which impacts our relationships.

Planning is the process of designing the physical elements of the world around us (the science) to get the social result we want for our community (the art) - at the long term scale. And it is also the development permitting, or making sure we follow those plans - at the short term scale.

Washington State was forward thinking enough to realize that we needed to collaborate regionally to make sure these plans could meet all layers of community goals, from transportation to agriculture to housing. So every city is required by state law to develop a Comprehensive Plan that coordinates with their County (the science) and meets their community’s goals (the art).

The City of Leavenworth created our Comprehensive Plan through a long process of citizen involvement and study. It includes chapters (aka ‘elements’) about Capital Facilities, Economic Development, Housing, Land Use, Parks and Recreation, Transportation, Utilities - all the elements of a town! This is a living community document that changes and evolves over time as we do. It helps us define our goals (the art) and how to achieve them (the science).

Now through the end of 2018 the city is accepting amendments to our Comprehensive Plan. If there is something you don’t think defines our community the way you think it should, submit your proposal!

This is YOUR plan, this is our plan for the future, so help us plan together.