Living in Leavenworth

It's happening! Slow as public process can be, you have diligent representatives working for you.

The City of Leavenworth staff, mayor and council have all heard our community's struggles to find housing, let alone something you can afford. So we just started a NEW Housing Committee to work on this issue!

Last year in 2017 Mayor Farivar ran a Housing Task Force who dove into the challenges of renting and buying homes in Leavenworth, to look for attainable solutions. Though our small city government has a limit to what can be accomplished (quickly), we did determine a strong list of recommendations to, at a minimum, increase the supply and diversity of housing units.

Following up with that work the City Council has formed a new Housing Committee that just started in April! We have met twice now and will continue working through the next several months to define our work. We will focus on 3 areas (as defined by Council Resolution 04-2018):

  • Initiating a discussion regarding the collaboration on regional housing issues and potential regional housing solutions.
  • Exploring possible funding options for assistance of work force level housing.
  • Reviewing and monitoring the implementations of municipal code language as it is developed and approved via the City Council and Planning Commission. The Committee shall evaluate the effectiveness of the implementation of the code language.

The good news is that over time with this work, Leavenworth will become a well balanced city with a continued vibrant, residential community - that our current residents and interested new residents will not get priced out, but be able to find housing that works for their diverse needs.

The bad news is that local government does not built to help you rent an apartment or buy a house next month. Our work will be ongoing, medium to long term work. The results will not be quick, but our goal is to retain and improve livability in Leavenworth for our future. We will not become a tourist hole where the whole town is like one resort - we will keep honing our development to retain our live-work-play balance.

We have an amazing community! I aim to not only keep, but improve life for our residents through promoting housing as diverse as we are and an economy to support our livelihoods.