Serving You, part 1

Dear Leavenworth,

This is my final year of my first term serving you as your council member. It has been such an education! As a good friend and fellow council member says, everyone should serve on city council. It builds such understanding and appreciation of our political system in general, and our local city’s structure specifically. Simultaneously mundane and inspiring, this work is a blast for me. 

I wrote an article at my half way point, describing what I was just getting engrossed in, so now as I am winding down, I thought I would give another update. That’s why I’m your council member - because you asked me to involve you in your government’s process.

Running for office was one of the most bizarre experiences of my life because, who does that? But it turns out, putting myself out to the people in our community and making a case for my perspective was really fun. I had to engage with people I’d never met before, and talk with them about what they value about Leavenworth, and what they want to see improved. The whole process opened my eyes to the value of elections - elections are the process of our community finding our way forward.

From all that feedback during my candidacy, I have focused my time on 4 main topics: communication, housing, parking, and a community center.

I would like to touch on each topic and describe the process I’ve been involved with so far to date. But all of these projects have included lots of time and people. Giving a brief overview really doesn’t show the process, which is so much more helpful to build understanding! So over the next couple weeks I will follow up this letter with a separate article on each of these topics.

Last, I was planning on using this moment to announce if I will run for office again. After almost a year weighing the balance with work and family, I am still uncertain if updating my commitment is right for me. I would really like to see the projects I’ve been working on move a little farther along, but the amount of time it takes is a challenge. This is a part time gig, but our community demands more. Before I commit, I want to make sure if I have it in me or not.

I share my heart here with you in this letter as a fellow citizen. I have the honor and responsibility of representing your interests as we refine and develop our City rules of engagement. But I am also just your neighbor. I hope this brings your government a little closer to home for you, so you can see it’s yours. Your local government is not run by ‘The Man,’ it is run by your neighbors doing our best to represent you.

Thank you for this honor,