First Day on the Job

Today was so fun!  The newly elected were sworn into office this morning at our Council Study Session. 

Of note, we met with Chelan County Emergency Management to discuss a new Emergency Operations Center built in Wenatchee.  They are applying for State community project money to build and we were all excited with the concept and will be happy to write a letter of agreement for this project.  We also met with our State auditors who just finished up our biennial audit.  We are squeaky clean thanks to great finance staff! 

Residents: we are working on amending our fence code. We are trying to make the current code more clear and concise while also doing away with requiring permits for fences.  People will be expected to follow our city code on their own accord.  If your neighbors don't mind, neither does the city.

Lastly, we discussed committees.  Council committees I will be on are Economic Development, Public Works and Parks.  Ad Hoc committees I will be on Residential Advisory Committee, Parks and Recreation Service Area Committee, and LINK transit committee.  I am excited about all of these for many reasons.  I will update my committee work on this blog! Check out all the committees on the city website.

At the Council meeting tonight we moved forward with the Chumstick Trail project.  Looks like we can start building it soon.  The most fun part of the day was naming a few streets!  We voted on names for 3 new streets in the MEND subdivision property.

A little personal

Just to get to know me a little more here is a post about some of my favorite hobbies.

I grew up dancing.  Dancing lifts my spirit like nothing else I've ever done.  I danced ballet for 12 years and along the way added jazz, modern, hip hop and a little bit of ballroom, swing and salsa.  These days I get a few opportunities to dance when I visit other places, or I just groove to the radio in the living room with my kids.

Rock climbing is almost as amazing as dancing and in Leavenworth we have an endless playground.  I get to use my brain to solve the route as much as my strength to get myself up the route.  Standing at the top of a climb, viewing the mountains around, tired from the exertion and energized from having solved the puzzle of how to get to the top is such an amazing feeling.  It rocks!

A favorite that I get to do a lot more often than either dancing or climbing is reading to my kids.  We have a lot of books in our house.  I love a big bookshelf.  Acting out the characters' voices and being as dramatic as I can while living through a story to my three kids is so much fun.  We all become deeply involved with the characters and by the time the story ends, it's almost like waking up from a dream.  I love close time together and sharing the adventure of a story.

To be a Councilmember

City Council. . . they are elected community members who represent the voice of their community.  They are responsible for considering the social welfare of the city, so that there is balance, justice and order.  Their skills can be in any field, but importantly they are diverse, able to understand finance, law, environmental issues and above all, people.  When the technical skills of the city staff lead to one option, the cultural preference of the community may lead the council to another.  They must be able to discuss issues, but always in reference to the people the issues are about.

My strengths as a city council member will come from my abilities to keep the big picture view of issues. I will look to see that the consequences of choices lead our town to support and respect the residents.

I love Leavenworth because of the close friends and neighbors that look out for my kids and who I can lead a cup of sugar to.  I love walking my kids to school and bumping into friends at the grocery store.  Every year there are different art classes or swim classes, parenting classes or gardening classes taught by the talented and passionate residents.  I love Leavenworth because of these and so many other community assets.  It also doesn't hurt that we are nestled in the bosom of one of the most beautiful places in the world.

Leavenworth is a fun town to live and to visit.  I want to embrace what we already have and let it shine even brighter.  It is with my vision and passion for Leavenworth that I believe I will be able to filter the details of running a city into decisions that will enhance our community.

You are the top!

Leavenworth is built by its residents - by the people who run businesses, raise families, and bring their life force to our town.  We run the tourist economy; we take care of our streets; we play in our river and mountains all year long.   Like our innovative predecessors who created our Bavaria, our creativity and drive is what makes Leavenworth worth visiting. We are nothing without our residents.  

My top priority is making balanced choices focused on improving Leavenworth residents’ lives!

HI HO, it's off to work I go!

Did you know Leavenworth City Council does the bulk of their work through committees? There are 5 council committees made up of council members and city staff that meet monthly. There are also over a dozen ad hoc committees made up of council members, local community members and some regional members.

I believe with my experience and knowledge in land use planning I could bring important insights and ideas about the flow of our town to committees like Public Works and LINK. From transportation to tourist appeal to resident ease of use, it is so important that council members can think holistically about the town and surrounding area when considering issues on the table. And bring NEW projects that lower residents costs while improving resources.

I am also very interested in the financial management of Leavenworth. With my education and experience in economics and budget development, I could lend a thoughtful hand to our financial planning through our Finance or Economic Development committees.

More than almost anything, I am excited to work with the citizens! I would love to find a place eventually on the Residential Advisory Committee as one avenue where I can work directly with citizens to develop projects and set priorities for our town!

Learn what committees there are on the Leavenworth City Website.