The Mountain Pact

I am a liaison between this non-profit and our city council. 

The Mountain Pact is a non profit based in Colorado that works with city jurisdictions who have tourist based economies in the mountains to push federal legislation related to impacts on our economy.  As a partner city, Leavenworth can choose which issues we would like to sign on to, to work for change at the federal level. 

Leavenworth, nestled in the curve of the North Cascades, with agriculture, recreation and tourism at the center of our economy, is susceptible to economic hardships in the cases of wildfires, low snow packs and soaring heat.  These unpredictable natural disasters and weather patterns can be mitigated by reducing greenhouse gases in our atmosphere and through thoughtful planning by government agencies. 

Through the Mountain Pact we can partner with other mountain towns like Aspen, Vail, Tahoe, and Park City to push our federal government to work for us.

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Check out their webinar to see what legislation The Mountain Pact worked on in 2016.


Wildfire funding reform

In 2016 Leavenworth signed on to a letter to the US Congress asking to provide additional funding for wildfire suppression and for the U.S Forest Service and Interior Departments to ensure adequate forest management.  These departments, critical in preemptive fire management, have suffered increasing ten-year average budget cuts.