Parks and Recreation Service Area

The Upper Valley Parks and Recreation Service Area was established as a Special Purpose District in 1997 to build and maintain a new pool in Leavenworth.  It is a separate governing body from the City of Leavenworth that encompasses a taxing area nearly the same size as the Cascade School District.

The PRSA is governed by a Board of Directors who meet quarterly (Feb, May, Aug, Nov).


board of directors

The Board is made up of representatives from Chelan County, the City of Leavenworth, the Peshastin Community Council, the Chumstick Community Council and Cascade School District.

We pass the annual budget approving income from property taxes within our special district and transfers (expenses) to the City to conduct operations.


Parks Department

The City parks staff run and maintain the pool along with the Pool Manager.  The City of Leavenworth has ownership of the pool land and facility.

The PRSA does not own any part of the pool, nor does it have any staff.  It oversees the spending of the property tax revenue by recommending the budget to the City.


the future

This year the Board has discussed if there are other recreation opportunities to adopt into the scope of the PRSA.

Hearing many community voices who are interested in a community center, more athletic field space, an ice rink, and many other community recreation opportunities, we are thinking about our future.