Public Works

5:00pm on the 2nd Tuesday of each month, City Hall Conference Room

The Public Works Committee is a council committee that is concerned with city infrastructure.  We deal with issues related to water and sewer, development, roads and our land use code.

pine street.jpg

Pine Street

The Pine Street project is moving along - as of October 2018, we have received all of our approvals through the WA Department of Transportation and are starting on Right of Way acquisition. This will continue through the end of fall along with a geotechnical investigation.

Ground breaking is tentatively scheduled for late spring/early summer 2019.

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Sewer Plant

Waste treatment is not a sexy city service, but it is a vital one! Unlike parks, which everyone loves to think about, our sewer plant sits in the shadows quitely doing it’s job - that’s as it should be.

Our plant is very efficient, odorless and hits high benchmarks for being an old system. But the time has come for upgrades to reduce better capture phosphorous, and not release it into the Wenatchee. This is a multi-million dollar project that has been in the works for several years. We will see the construction of these updates complete by 2020.

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Water Plant updates

Did you know we have 2 water sources? We collect surface water at our water plant on Icicle Creek and we collect water from the Wenatchee River ground water from our wells.

Our water plant is very old and not processing enough water anymore. We are investigating ways we can expand our water collect to meet our current water rights on the Icicle.

Along with an old plant, we also have VERY old distribution pipes and meters. Before the plant updates we will be replacing residential meters and some critical sections of pipe.

We have a great team keeping our utilities flowing and delivering the tastiest water in the country!

Give them a thanks if you see them around!