Public Works

5:00pm on the 2nd Tuesday of each month, City Hall Conference Room

The Public Works Committee is a council committee that is concerned with city infrastructure.  We deal with issues related to water and sewer, development, roads and our land use code.

winter parking

No parking on the residential streets between 3:00 - 7:00 am so our snow plows can keep things clear.

Thanks for helping us help you keep our roads ready for each day!

leaf bags.jpg

freezing pipes

Frozen city lines and residential lines have had a big problem this winter with our many below zero days.

The City staff is working hard to help repair and manage these many breaks, clogs and leaks.  Give them a big thanks if you see them!

glass of water.jpg

utility updates

We are nearly ready for an overhaul! Our waste treatment plant is almost due for an upgrade; our Water Plan is due for an update; and we have been working on updating our storm water plan this year.

Firms have been hired to begin work on a Waste Treatment Plant Facility Plan and a Water Plan.

We have a great team keeping our utilities flowing and delivering the tastiest water in the country! 
Give them a thanks if you see them around!