Skate Park Development

Project was completed July 2017!

The City of Leavenworth and the Cascade School District partnered to build a new skate park in Leavenworth.  This sub committee of the Council Parks Committee is worked with local skate boarders to work through the development of this new skateboard facility with a design-build firm.

enchantment park.jpg


Through a community process receiving input on various sites around the city of Leavenworth, Enchantment Park was determined the best location.

It has parking, restrooms and many other community activities to make it a lively and beautiful spot for skating.

Screen Shot 2016-11-17 at 12.08.25 PM.png


The City put out a request for quotes to skate park design build firms.  After reviewing the quotes the Council approved Grindline Skateparks, the designer of Leavenworth's original park.



The process will start (fall 2016) with a community meeting to determine preferred features and style of the park.

A second community (mid-winter 2017) meeting will present designs for community review.

A final design (mid/late-winter) will be presented to the Skate Park Committee.  The City will post the final design for comment on their website.

Construction will begin (late-winter/early-spring). An optomistic goal of completion by late-spring/early-summer with a deadline of September 2017.