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As your representative I aim to be available in many different ways and hope you will engage with your local government in your own, unique way.


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Big projects take time in the public process, so I'm focusing on a few specific things during my term on the City Council. Check out what I'm working on and where we are in the process.



Affordable housing is hard to come by in Leavenworth because of the demand on real estate is in demand from our tourist economy.  It's a good problem to have, in that our economy is growing, but a problem non the less.


Residents, local employees and visitors often feel the squeeze of parking in town. I am working with the Economic Development Committee to discover when and why, and how to improve it!

Community Center

I've heard many of you asking if Leavenworth could have a community center. I am working with the PRSA to try to answer that question!


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Connect with Me!

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Subscribe to the City list serve

Check out what's happening

Check out what's happening


How We Get the Work Done

Committees are a great place for new ideas! In committee is where most new proposals and concepts are sent to start their journey to resolution or ordinance.  If you have a new idea for Leavenworth, contacting our City Administrator and asking to bring the idea to a committee is a great place to start!

Click the highlighted committees below for more information on my current work.


City of Leavenworth Council Committees

All committee meetings are open to the public.  They are held once a month at City Hall in the upstairs conference room. The members of these "Council Committees" are 3 council members, the mayor and related staff.  Click on the links to see what I'm working on in each committee.

2nd Tuesday 3:00 pm

2nd Tuesday 4:00 pm

2nd Tuesday 5:00 pm

4th Tuesday 4:00 pm

4th Tuesday 5:00 pm

City of Leavenworth Ad Hoc Groups

Our City Council also has over a dozen Ad Hoc committees and boards on which we have one or two city representatives, who are a council member or the mayor.  These are local and regional groups that need collaboration with our city to run effectively.  Some of theses groups meet monthly and some quarterly. To see all the ad hoc committees, take a look at the city sub-committee webpage.

I am on these City Ad Hoc groups: